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This letter has been submitted by one of our readers:

solitaire diamond ring

Hi guys!

Disaster Strikes!

About a month after buying the ring we went for an impromptu mountain bike after work – and I know I shouldn’t have, but I was wearing our ring. In my defense – I did attempt to look after it by taking it off my finger and linking it through my necklace.

Anyway – you know what’s coming so I’ll make it quick. Downhill, gravel, speed, touch too much brake, skid, stump, air, ground. Ouch!

I survived bar a bit of scarring (yay) but somehow the handbrake lever had hooked my necklace as I flew over it and now both the necklace and ring were gone!

We looked, boy did we look. We found the necklace – My boyfriend had given it to me on our first Christmas together, so I was relieved, but our precious ring was no-where. I was so devastated and felt so guilty, I cried all the way home and most of the night. We returned to the track several times, but finally we had to face facts. It was gone.

Fortunately the insurance claim went through OK and once again we found ourselves hunting for a ring.

Engagement Ring Number 2 – Budget $5000

I was feeling so uneasy about repeating the process again that I confessed to Gary that maybe buying a ring online wouldn’t be so bad – after all, our offline experience wasn’t so great and really – so long as there were guarantees and warranties in place how bad could it be. Turned out that he was feeling much the same way.

We hunted down a few sites and began to do some research. Fortunately we had also kept a note of the ring that we had designed and loved at JamesAllen.com, so we were able to make real comparisons between sites.

We also checked out reviews for all of the online jewelers but the James Allen reviews stood out by miles as people were so impressed at the personal nature of the sales process.

We were particularly interested in how the team at James Allen handled problems with orders and from what we could gather the professionalism and solution focused attitude of the service team made it all a breeze.

Any problems that did occur – like customs and delivery quirks, indecisive customers or ring size changes were handled beautifully. All the reviewers were on first name terms with their rep and seemed so grateful for their involvement and more importantly, so happy with their purchase experience.

The deal was sealed when we saw that, ring for ring, we were getting the absolute best value for money from James Allen.

Basically, the difference was that we would be getting far better quality diamonds through JamesAllen.com than from the others. Plus they gave us free shipping, free engraving and a great discount if we decided to buy our wedding band through them too!

Being a BBB listed company also made us more certain that we would be OK dealing with them.

So we bit the bullet, hit ‘buy now’ filled out our details and held our breath, expecting that this would be the extent of our relationship with the site. How wrong we were.

The James Allen ‘Extra’ Factor

Within minutes of purchasing our ring we were contacted by Eileen and told that she was going to be our personal contact and that she would help us through the process. She also explained that because ours was a custom designed ring that it would take a couple of days before it was dispatched – we were expecting a couple of weeks, so a couple of days was really impressive!

Sure enough, we got notice that it was on its way and honestly, two days later there was a knock at the door, Mr FedEx wanted a signature and there was our ring; beautifully packaged for shipping, beautifully boxed for gifting and stunningly crafted for wearing.


Eileen rang shortly after just to make sure that all had gone well and that was it. No pushy sales talk for the wedding band, no mention of an up-sell anywhere. Just a genuine regard for our satisfaction and happiness. Fantastic.

We said that everything was fine, thanked her and that was it. Later that week we went to get the ring valued for the insurance and guess what? Although we had paid $4680 for it, the valuation came in at $5000!

Now I don’t know if this is typical or not, but did we go to James Allen for our wedding bands? Hell yes, but that’s for another post another day 😮 )

Oh I nearly forgot…..

Thought you might like pictures of our rings and a quick comparison;

Our Store Bought Ring

(As our original ring is obviously gone, the above picture is the James Allen equivalent – current price $3900)

Platinum solitaire set .77 carat Diamond, VS2 clarity, G color, Very Good cut

Bought for $5200 from a reputable mainstream jewelery store.

Even once we knew what we were doing the process was really daunting and uncomfortable.

No after sales service.

Our James Allen Ring

Platinum Pave Diamond Cathedral Ring with 18 stones

.80 carat, color – G, clarity-VS2, cut – ideal GIA certified center diamond

Bought for $4,680 from James Allen

Designed our own ring within the comfort of our own home, in our own time and within our budget.

Free engraving, shipping, free resizing for 60 days. 30 day guarantee, lifetime warranty

Help was only a click away and after sales service was far beyond what we expected – The

last thing that you expect from an online store is the personal touch!

It goes without saying that you can add ours to the other good James Allen reviews that you are probably collecting, but don’t just take our word for it either.

There had been many other reviews written by bloggers about James Allen that attest to the quality of jewelry and service provided by JamesAllen.com. On iVouch you can find honest to goodness James Allen reviews – in fact there are over 1200 vouchers and 1500 reviewers that have given James Allen a 5 star average rating – that’s pretty impressive by anyone’s standards.